Mykonos photowalk through cobbled roads

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Way to Little Italy

Mykonos was the last part of our journey on the tour of Greece and Turkey but as they say perhaps the best was saved for the last . With still refreshing memories of romantic Santorini when we headed to Mykonos for a two day stopover, the warm beach of Platis Gialos beach welcomed us .

Platis Gialos , Greece , Mykonos , Photoblog , Photography , Travelog

Platis Gialos

According to mythology, Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules and the island took its name from the grandson of Apollo, “Mykonos”. Serene , laid back with a unique shade of blue water (pics coming up in the next post) the place instantly developed a connection with us .

Platis Gialos , Greece , Mykonos , Photoblog , Photography , Travelog

Those cobbled roads – Mykonos Greece

When we explored the city we were keen on visiting one of the major tourist attraction – capital town called Hora, we experienced a true Cycladic Architecture represented by traditional and cubic houses with flat roofs wooden coloured doors and windows . All the buildings are whitewashed with wooden coloured balconies and beautiful courtyards .

Platis Gialos , Greece , Mykonos , Photoblog , Photography , Travelog

The traditional Cyclade architecture – Mykonos Greece


 Greece , Mykonos , Photoblog , Photography , Travelog

The traditional Cyclade architecture – Mykonos Greece

Once you get out of initial mesmerized state from the spotless shining white houses in contrast to the shining mysterious colour of the sea you will realize the unusual nature of the houses . These traditional houses are like fat white cubes piled after one another almost like huddling together to face the strong winds from the sea .
The best time to capture the city architecture is around the golden hours of photography however this is one place I can guarantee that you need not worry about the light conditions at all. Bright sunshine along with brightly white buildings will always provide enough light and reflection .

Platis Gialos , Greece , Mykonos , Photoblog , Photography , Travelog

A walk through those Roads

The attractions for a tourist and as well as photographers are many in this island and one of the main attractions is shopping . Walk through the characteristic white cobbled roads with shops on both the sides offering varieties of the world to chose from. Following the colour code of the entire city over here also one will find all white buildings with coloured (primarily blue , red , brown and green) balconies and wooden fixtures . Numerous shops with various items are available with an eating joint /Ice Cream Parlour / Gyros joints plugged in between here and there .

Please don’t miss the beautiful scenic corner called “Little Venice” of this picturesque city. This is an 18th century district with huge windows and balconies perched over the sea and sea waves splashing now and then it surely will remind you of the namesake Italian city. This is an ideal lazy evening hangout place at the bar and restaurants around and watching the sunset with the quaint windmills on the hillside .

Wind Mill , Greece , Mykonos , Photoblog , Photography , Travelog

The wind Mill which can never be missed – Mykonos Greece

If you are a couple visiting Mykonos this is one moment where you must once again confess the love for your partner
These windmills are also worth watching out as the colour combinations across the mystifying colour of the sea will take you to a different surreal world altogether .
The sunkissed beaches are the other main attraction of this little island which will come up in the next blog

Tourism , Greece , Mykonos , Photoblog , Photography , Travelog

Mykonos in the night

Tips for travelers and photographers –
1.There are no public transport as such and its better to hire a vehicle for yourself
2.Car rental is an easy process here and that’s the best way to move around in the city . You can check with your hotel and the car rental services will deliver and collect the vehicle from the hotel itself
3.Car is not allowed in the town , the parking for Hora is little far away from the main town so be ready to walk a little downhill to reach the town

Tourism , Greece , Mykonos , Photoblog , Photography , Travelog

Night Mykonos

4.Driving around in the night is pretty safe as I had lost my way and almost reached the edge of a cliff around midnight however the situation was salvaged

Tourism , Greece , Mykonos , Photoblog , Photography , Travelog

Shopping Spree continues

5. As a photographer its better to plan your shoot during the early hours of the morning and in the dusk . Its bright sunlight around and with brightly painted shining white buildings around it gets too much of light around

Tourism , Greece , Mykonos , Photoblog , Photography , Travelog

Those melancholic churches

6.One is allowed to move around and get upclose to the iconic windmills . With the luminous blue backdrop few of the mastershots will come from here
7.There are small churches around Hora with characteristic colour combinations which are worth capturing
8. There are plenty of food joints around so need not worry about anything else once you are out of your hotel in the morning .


3 responses to “Mykonos photowalk through cobbled roads

  1. Haven’t been to Mykonos but have been so other islands in Greece. Your photos do justice to the place and Greece till this day remains one of my favourite places in the world. I simply love the culture, food, people, beaches, everything really. Cheers


  2. I will be visiting Italy this october, wanted to cover Greece too but due to paucity of time and leaves that was dropped. I traveled through your post 😀



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